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-In Your Home-

I am not your average photographer. For me, it is not all about the sale. I am all about people and the experience! I truly care about each individual and the client experience as a whole. I genuinely love people. I firmly believe that there is a beauty about every person and this is what I want to be able to show in my work. I do want to be able to give you those “picture perfect” images, but more than that, I would LOVE to provide you with images that capture the unique personalities and the genuine family interactions that make relationship special.

I am more than a “snap a few pics in 15 minutes” type of photographer. I do offer this type of “mini-session,” but it feels lacking in the experience and care that you could be provided. It times time and connection to really be able to capture the genuine expressions and interactions. I can give you the “picture perfect” images easily in 15 minutes, but it is not really me or what I can provide for you and your family. I strive to provide so much more for my clients!

What kind of sessions are offered?

…We are all about family


At the heart and beginning of any family is a couple.


When a family expands, it is a time to treasure from the beginning!

Fresh 48

When a baby first arrives, those are precious moments to capture. This is currently only available in your home due to hospital regulations.

*I do offer custom package deals for a baby’s first year.


Usually, this is done in a studio type setting between 7-10 days of age if you would like that fresh, sleepy look. This can be done up to 6 weeks of age.

*I do offer custom package deals for a baby’s first year.

The First Year: studio

Whether you want to do this one time or purchase a package and watch your baby grow, I have great options for you! I can give you the in-studio look indoors or outdoors depending on the season and weather. I can also come to your home for an additional fee!

*I do offer custom package deals for a baby’s first year.

The First Year: Outdoors

As weather permits, I can provide very cute natural portraits of your precious one in the great outdoors.

*I do offer custom package deals for a baby’s first year.

Cake Smash

CAKE SMASH COMING FEBRUARY 2021… unless you book sooner!!!

Some people like to celebrate a new year with a oh-so-fun cake smash. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want! Contact me and request a brochure to see what all options I offer!

Children Portraits

Whether you are looking for back to school or birthday pictures, I can help you create something as special and unique as your little one!

Family Portraits: Outdoors

Whether you want to capture your family amongst the spring flowers, summer days, fall foliage, or Christmas season, we can work together to create something unique to your family!

This can include Mommy and Me and Daddy and Me portrait session which make great gifts!

Family Portraits: STUDIO

There is something nice about traditional family portraits. I have multiple backdrops available. Let’s work together to get the feel you are looking for!

Family Portraits: IN YOUR HOME

Let’s face it, life happens at home! I can help you to capture and remember what life is really like.

High School Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are great to commemorate an important moment in the journey of ones life, but it is also a unique opportunity to look at the individual in a way rarely done any other time. I want to work with you to not only take great portraits, but look at accomplishments, hobbies, and more to make your images highly individualized.


Do you have a passion or a hobby that you love and have worked hard at? Would you like to have this memory and possibly be able to share them as a legacy? As I have said, I love people. I love what makes every person unique. I believe every person was uniquely created with a purpose and their own skillset. I also believe that hobbies and passions are worth remembering too, not just ages or milestones.


Is there a special person in your life that you would like to honor? I would be honored to help you create a legacy project that is as special as this person is to you!

Would you like to remember this time or special event in your life? Contact me and let’s see what we can create together!

It would be a privilege to do a remembrance project too, if it is ever needed.

…small business + Corporate


Whether you are looking for person or professional headshots, I can help! Let’s work together to create the right look and atmosphere that you are looking to portray to the world. I can help create profession resume headshots with a variety of studio backdrops as well.


In the corporate and small business world, it is all about expressing the image you are wanting to portray. I can do just head shots or give you a series of images that you can use to advertise the business. As a business owner myself, I understand the hard work and heart that goes into running a business and the dedication in other positions as well. Let me help you to show your hard work and dedication to the outside world in a way that reflects you!


I would feel honored to create images to promote your the items you put your heart into creating. We can work together to create a style that works for you and what you are wanting to portray to your clientele.


I would feel honored to create images to promote your food creations. We can work together to create a style that works for you.

A little about me…

Before I tell you about myself, I would like to introduce you to my three blessings (pictured at the top) whom I am so thankful for! They have taught me to find the beauty in life and how to treasure even the smallest victories. I am forever grateful to God for giving to me these three special gifts and the desire to love all people!

I am proudly serving central Virginia and beyond. I also enjoy finding the beauty my surroundings and in others. Photography has given me this creative opportunity to capture that beauty. I love the opportunity to find inspiration anywhere. Natural lighting is my passion. I love being out in creation, but I have studio capabilities including coming to your own home, business, or gathering!


I hope so…

Because You too can inspire!

Do you have other needs besides photography?

Administrative? Basic graphic design? Inquire and I will honestly assess if I can deliver What you need. Just ask! I will do my best to work with you and assess if I can meet other photography needs. I also have administrative skills that I can put to work for you! I may be able to help with designing menus, directories, brochures, and other basic graphic design needs. I can help with many other administrative and executive assistant related skills.

Proudly Serving

I primarily serve central Virginia to include Madison, Greene, Orange, Louisa, Albemarle, Nelson, Augusta, and Rockingham counties.

Please inquire should your needs be outside of this area. I grew up in northern Virginia and still know people in Northern Virginia and I frequent the Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach areas so special arrangements are a possibility there.

Contact me and I will see if I can accommodate you!

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