Dianne Greene
Based in Ruckersville, VA
formerly Inspired Photography by Dianne, LLC

"Temporarily Closed"

I am sorry to announce that I need to close my photography business temporarily, so I cannot take clients professionally at this time.  This will be for an unforeseen amount of time as I need to care for the health and other needs of my children.  My life balance shifted in November 2022 and I really need to step back from my passion, for a time.  I hope you can understand!  I will deeply miss serving and capturing all of the unique personalities and expressions of the families I have had the honor to work with since the fall of 2019.  
I am anxiously awaiting doing this again once my family's health and other needs return to normal levels.  I plan to be working again no later than June 2025.  I look forward to continuing to provide the customized, client-centered, high-end experience that you are used to.  When I relaunch, it will likely be under a new brand name, Remembering Stones Photography - or something similar, so be sure to fill out the form below to be notified of the latest!  
Friends (including previous clients) and family are welcome to contact me personally to see if I have availability in my schedule, but it will be very limited, and turnaround time will vary until I can reopen.

About Me

I am a true color photographer that creates a customized experience just for you!  I use light to match your goals, whether it is "light and airy," "bold and beautiful," or "dark and dramatic."  I like to use lighting and location choices during the session to achieve these aesthetic goals.  
I offer sessions outdoors, in the studio, and in your home.  I can make arrangements at different venues as well.  We discuss what location type you are looking for and I will make all of the arrangements!
My passion is to capture the unique moments, expressions, and personalities of your family.  When you look at your images, I want you to walk away with images that say, "THAT'S THEM!"  

Every session begins with a Zoom call to talk about your style and what your goals are for your session and how you want to use the memories we capture together.  I use that knowledge to create a session plan for time, location(s), lighting, posing, and styling.  
We also work together to figure out the end goals for your images from editing and retouching preferences to creating artwork ready for you to display in your home! If you need help narrowing down your images, I can help with that too.  You are welcome to use the print release I offer all of my clients or take advantage of my professional lab to create prints, wall art, canvases, albums, and more.  This is important so that I will be able to control and ensure the best quality for you effortlessly.
There is no pressure.  My heart is always just to help fulfill your desires.  I want you to enjoy these memories without requiring another item on your to-do list.  I am here to help support you every step of the way!

I look forward to working with you again soon!

Have questions?  Contact me!
Thank you! I will be in touch shortly.