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By  Dianne

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I am a licensed and insured family and portrait photographer that serves the greater Charlottesville area, including a home studio in Ruckersville, VA. 

My heart is to serve families of all stages and sizes!  I love everything from couples (the foundation) to maternity.  From newborns to high school seniors.  I won't forget about serving and supporting the individual either from professional head shots to branding sessions. This includes  everything in between! 

I believe that with photography you have an amazing opportunity to capture a moment in time and remember relationships, interactions, expressions, experiences, growth, milestones, and so much more!  It is something that will likely mean even more to you in five or ten years than it will even now.  

Let's work together to tell your story!

Let's work together to tell your story!

Hi!  I'm Dianne!

Life happens at home!  Would you like to capture professional images where your family interacts the most?  You do anything from cuddling on the couch/bed to bake in the kitchen!  Studio setup options are also available.  This is a very convenient extra service, that is especially helpful for those with little ones!

or in your home!

With a wide variety of backdrops for newborns/infants and families, including options for themes and customized sets, I am sure we can work together to create something you will love!  The studio is conveniently located off of Route 29 in Ruckersville in Greene County, Virginia.

in the studio...

Outdoor lighting and backgrounds can be beautiful with a ton of variety making it easy to achieve different looks.  The great outdoors provides ample space to move, interact, and play too!  Who says photography can't be fun!  Let me know what you are looking for and I will help you to pick a great location!


I can help capture your story in a few ways...

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Does this make you think of someone who would love this as a gift?

Look at these images and the joy and bond between this sweet mom and her little boy.  You can see the genuine interactions between them.  Their smiles are real and not forced.  They will have these memories which will last a lifetime!

An example of storytelling...

When I say I truly care about my clients, I mean it!  I genuinely want to know you.  I want you to know me so that you can feel comfortable around me.  This will allow me to give you the best service possible and give you those genuine expressions my clients long for. 

This absolutely ties into storytelling!  When I say storytelling, I mean I love to capture what is happening now.  For example, how you interact with an infant is different than a toddler, preschooler, child, or a teenager.  This is how you tell a story of what is happening now.  How relationships and dynamics change.  They are all special moments that I know I want to treasure with my children and I am sure this is the case with you too! 

All of it is a part of your story.  I want to be able to offer you images as people and relationships change and grow.  I want to offer you images of those who are special to you so that you will treasure these memories years from now.  Interests may change as time passes for both individuals and groups and I would love to help you remember now.  I want to offer you images from a moment in time and I will work with you on how we can make this special for each individual and/or group.  This part of photography is what really sparks my interest and my passion for photography... the people and what makes them special and unique.

Genuinely Caring + Story telling!

What would I say that I specialize in?

Consider giving them a gift certificate!

First of all, you want to make sure you are hiring a professional with a legal business.  I am licensed, insured, and officially formed my business as a LLC in December of 2019. I wanted to offer my services, and ever-growing knowledge and technical skill, to serve my clients in an honorable way.  You should make sure you find a photographer that has the technical skills needed to serve you well like camera skills, lighting knowledge and equipment, and posing techniques.  I firmly believe you always have room to grow in any area of life, so a life long learner is definitely a bonus!  One of the best things you should ask is what they are passionate about.  Passion brings creativity!  I personally care deeply about my clients as people, not just as customers.  That is absolutely a part of my passion.  I strive to express who you are in your portraits and not only deliver pretty posed pictures.  I want to capture what is happening in life, milestones, relationships, and interests... whatever you want!  I want to help provide you with the visual memory for years to come!

What should you be looking for in a photographer?


Love working with Dianne! She makes us feel so comfortable and like her goal is to capture what we want to capture—plus throw in a few creative ideas of her own... 


Sweet, patient and caring when trying to do pictures with my littles. She even brought a treat for them at the end! Absolutely recommend!

What others are saying...

I really do love people and families.  The part of photography that brings me the most joy is when I am able to capture those special expressions that says, "That's them!"  I actually do enjoy beautifully posed portraits, but I really LOVE capturing personalities and the interactions and relationships between people!  I have been known to go the extra mile to get the shot in whatever creative leanings I have at the time to include walking into a pond, climbing playground equipment, and more!  It is not hard to see I really love what I do!

When I am not doing photography, I spend most of my time homeschooling and raising my three very special and unique children.  We enjoy getting out and exploring.  Some of our favorite places are the Frontier Culture Museum, Lewis Ginter and Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Shenandoah National Park, various history and science museums, and other great locations around Virginia.

A little More about Me

I have a studio located in Ruckersville in Greene County, Virginia, that is available by appointment only. 

I primarily serve locations in central Virginia to include Madison, Greene, Orange, Louisa, and Albemarle counties. 

Please inquire if your needs are outside of this area and I will see if I can accommodate you.  I grew up in Northern Virginia and enjoy heading back to my old stomping grounds.  I also visit areas like Richmond, Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, Norfolk,  Virginia Beach and Outer Banks, NC (OBX) areas, so arrangements are possible!




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