If you are reading this then you have found my new blog. Welcome! I would like to share you sessions that I have. I would like to share with you about myself and my family. I would like to share and encourage you in other ways as well. You can expect a new blog post every Wednesday!

I firmly believe that there is beauty in everyone and it is all around us! I look forward to working with all different clients with a variety of needs and desires. I will let you know, my heart is to catch the heart, the spirit, the personality of every person I have a pleasure to work with.

I have created a variety of pages that I hope will be helpful to you. I created a Styles page to share and describe a variety of different photography styles that I use with my clients. I have created a list of Sessions that I offer. If what you need is not listed, get in touch with me anyway! I will let you know if I think I will be able to provide that services that you need in my high/perfectionist type standard. I hope to soon be providing a list of Venues that will include contact information, directions, my personal review, extra expenses (if travel or venue fees apply), and information about what the location has to offer so that you can enjoy more than the photo session experience. I will also share a gallery of photographs of the venue and clients at that particular location and link to blog posts as I have other sessions at the location. I hope this tool will help you to choose the location that is right for you.

I hope to use this blog to keep you informed with what I am up to as well as provide you with the inspiration of other client’s memorable moments. Together, we can truly create something inspired!

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