Time Not Wasted – A COVID19 Update

Needless to say, the world turned upside down this winter… for all of us. It has been hard for me because I was hoping to officially launch my business this spring once the weather warmed since I prefer natural light photography the most. With the portfolio I have established, I am confident I can serve my clients well. But because I put people before business, I shut down my services before I was even required to do so by our state. I wanted to do this until I could learn more so I can protect my clients. I do not fear this virus, never have, but I do want to be smart and continue genuinely care for my clients. As of now, the state of Virginia, is opening up to phase two on Friday, June, 5th, 2020, in my area. I will begin to slowly open this coming week. I will post updates on social media as I begin to figure out policies and procedures that I want to implement to insure the safety of all of my clients. I may have remained closed, but I have been very busy!

I have learned a lot from Katelyn James, a well known and leading educator in the photography world. Not only has she helped me learn and improve my photography skills but has given great insight on running a client-centered business which aligns well with my heart and mindset. I am also doing other training that is specific to newborn safety and posing. Safety and caring well for my clients, even the littlest ones, are so important to me!

I have been working on education so that I can provide a better service for my clients. I have been working on lighting, location, composition, posing, editing, and so much more. Photography is a business and there is a lot that goes into it! I have had to get the nuts and bolts squared away that are behind the scenes and not observed by the outside world. I have worked on developing processes and workflow to be able to give my clients a superior experience. I don’t only want to give you the best product and experience that I can, but I want to make sure there is no doubt that I have a sincere love and care for people.

As time passes, it is time to consider opening up my services again. I will provide more details on my Facebook page as I establish new operating policies, particularly in regards to opening a studio. 😮 I am sad that we missed April. In many ways, it is one of the most beautiful months here in Virginia. But here in Virginia, especially here around Charlottesville, there are so many picturesque locations that can be enjoyed year round.

I have had some frustration lately with my eyesight. I am not sure if it is due to stress, working so much lately on a screen, or just the oh-so-joyful part of getting older. 🙂 I managed to have an eye appointment last week and I found out I have astigmatism that has gotten worse since I last had an exam. It makes sense why my eyes have been having an issue with focusing, but this can be fixed easy enough within the next 2 weeks when I get new glasses.

I do plan on getting out in nature more as the kids and I have started school back up this week. The colors in nature are restful and focusing on things in the distance are so important when you work on the computer. Plus, I have found that being out in God’s creation is rest for the soul anyway! Enjoy these images I took when walking in our neighborhood with the kids.

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