First Photography Session Since The World Shut Down – A Handsome 4 Month Old!

To me, this is such a fitting first post introducing that I am slowly opening my doors after the world basically shut down this year. I had the honor and privilege of capturing this precious 4 month old that arrived just as the world was beginning to shut down. I was disheartened that I was unable to officially launch my business this spring after considering turning my passion into a business back in September 2019, that I can use to love and serve others well. I have spent a lot of time the past 9 months honing my skills through training and practicing with a variety of precious people doing all different types of sessions. The shut down gave me a chance to have more dedicated time to learn from leading experts and create a system that will provide the better experience that I want to be able to give my clients. As I begin to open, it will be slow as I figure out the policies and procedures that I should and want to have in place since I care so deeply for my clients and their well-being. These are things I would not have to consider any other time and I want to make sure I do it well.

That all being said, I think it is sad that the world has hardly seen this precious little boy and that he has hardly seen the world. He will when the time is right and I think he will be a wonderful addition! I cannot express to you the absolute joy I felt capturing this little guy and then going through all the images… from his little hands and feet to all of the different priceless expressions. He had some stranger danger, which is great and normal, so his sweet mom did a great job helping me to pose him! Just look at this sweet boy!!!

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