Celebrate Life

For quite some time now, I have been searching my heart to find what I am passionate about when it come to photography. Where passion is, inspired images are sure to follow. Honestly, it is all people of all kinds and abilities that really draw me to photography. People! I love the awe and beauty of creation, it shows the creativity and power of our Creator, but I find all people unique and beautiful and what I am drawn to when behind the lens. The unique make up can range from personalities and quarks to the varying strengths and weaknesses we all possess. These are the things probably the hardest to capture, but it puts the biggest smile on my face when I am able to capture images that expresses who a person really is.


Do you have a particular thing that you are skilled at? I would live to help you capture those memories. Do you have a child who has worked really hard at a sport or learning a skill like playing the piano or sewing? Does your son or daughter enjoy working along a parent gardening, woodworking, baking, farming, canning, quilting, fishing, or anything else you can think of? All of us have a unique combination of talents and skills. Some are not easily photographed, but I would like to try to capture things that are special to you or someone you love.

Celebrate Life

Do you have a loved one, young or old, that you would like to commemorate? This can be such a wide variety of things.

New Life

This can be a new little person joining us in this crazy and quite chaotic world. I love to commemorate newborns and their first year of life. I enjoy fresh 48 sessions now at home (previously done at UVA Hospital it Martha Jefferson hospital before they were closed to visitors because of COVID-19). I love the creativity of studio portraits which I can now offer outdoors as well, backdrops, lighting, and all. I also love lifestyle shoots that capture the beautiful transition of an expanding family’s life at home. I can help capture these precious new beginnings.

Saying Goodbye

Do you have a family member who is sick? Would you like to capture and remember the unique beauty and the relationship that you have with this person? I remember my grandmother used to always gently pat the knee of those she cared for. I remember my aunt was such a huge Redskins fan and we would watch games together growing up. I remember my Uncle’s crazy humor that still makes me smile when I think back. These are just a few of the things I remember about these special people. How I wish I had images of who these people were and not just the pictures of these people posing and smiling. I would be so honored to help capture these special people in our lives. We are called to relationship and we usually have at least one who is special. Celebrate them while they are still here and they too can know how treasured they are. Would you like to leave a special gift to those you are leaving behind, then help me to tell your story. Your life matters and you are valued enough that Christ died for you. I hope you know that deep in your heart. I value you.


Has someone recently passed on from this life? If so, I am so sorry. If there is any way I can help to remember and honor this person, I would feel humbled and grateful that you would trust me with this special task.

Not Just Pictures…

I can offer more than “just” these images of a person you treasure, but we can work together to create a hard covered album together over time. It can include text or just be a collection of priceless pictures. We can collaborate virtually to go over a proof before sending it off to a professional printer. I can help you through the options if you are interested

I love the idea of “Celebrate Life.” This phrase has been stuck in my mind for weeks. There is more as I think about it and spend time meditating on what this concept could mean to me and my precious clients. These things can bring such joy or such sadness, but all would be so worth remembering those we love or passions that make us feel alive!

What do you think of a service like this? Am I crazy. Send me an email and let me know what you think!

Since this is a new concept for me, I would be honored to do this at a discount for the first person who inquires about a hobby, celebrating the life of someone, or remembering someone who has passed. If you are the first person to contact me in any one of these three areas, I would like to work out a special one-time price. Please contact me for more details.

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