Yearbook Timeline
School Pictures
ACTS leadership coordinates a time between First Baptist Church and the photographer.  Historically, two days are usually scheduled in October.  PLEASE READ THE WEEKLY UPDATES!  This is where we tell you about the dates.

Ordering yearbooks will begin February 5th through February 26th.  Payments must be in no later than February 26th.  You will be sent a Google Form through the Weekly Update.  A box will be placed on the check-in table to collect the checks.  Do not count on there being extra yearbooks.  If you want more than one yearbook for your family, like one per student, please do so when you place your order.  ONLY CHECK PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME!

Pick Up
You will receive notification that the yearbooks are in through the Weekly Update.  I will have a table where you or your students initial when the yearbook(s) is picked up.  The goal will be to have them a minimum of two weeks before ACTS ends so that students have time to get signatures from friends and teachers.​​​​​​​
Volunteer Opportunities
I am looking for anyone interested in helping.  There is no commitment until I ask you for a specific task.  You let me know what you are interested in doing.  If you ever find that you are not able to perform a task, it is imperative that you contact me right away so that there can be adequate coverage.  I don't care if something happens, but communication is key!
I am open to hearing your ideas!  You can write about your experience of different events in an article or even a poem.  We have events to cover like the family picnic, Spirit Month, Christmas events, etc.

I could use your help covering the first day of ACTS, class group pictures, candid classroom pictures, spirit month, Christmas show, and other ACTS events.  I will hand out assignments as much as you are willing and your schedule allows.

Layout and Design
The yearbook doesn’t happen on its own!  The software provided by the photographer is pretty simple drag and drop.  You can just help or I can teach you a little about layout, design, and making your work cohesive if you are interested.  I can assign pages for you to work with or you can make requests.

Yearbook Coordinator
If you are interested in coordinating this year, I will be happy to take over your service hours and I can help you as I am able throughout the way.  If you are interested in taking over next year, you are welcome to shadow me so you have your barring for next year.  I do have a procedure manual I created last year to help you know when to do what throughout the year.  At this point, I plan on teaching a high school elective next year and I don’t know if I will be able to serve the ACTS community well in both ways.
High School Seniors
If you have not heard from me, please reach out… especially if your student is graduating early.  I want to make sure I do not miss any students attending ACTS that are graduating.

Photo Taken By:  Dianne Greene at Inspired Photography by Dianne, LLC

Casual Senior Portraits
THE TIME IS NOW!  Before frost kills all the beautiful flowers and foliage, it is best to get your senior pictures done.  You do not need to use a professional photographer, but please take into consideration that summer and September are the ideal times to schedule with a portrait photographer since they usually get pretty busy in October, November, and even into December with families.  Casual photos will be due no later than December 5th.  I need to begin basic layouts for the yearbook over Christmas break.

I have temporarily closed my photography business, likely for the next 2 years, due to health issues within my family.  However, if there is enough interest and I have enough time, I am willing to consider hosting Senior Mini Sessions exclusively for ACTS Seniors.  It would be a one-day event with timeslots you can sign up for and you will receive a handful of professional images for 10 or so minutes, not a full session.  You will get to pick the images with an online preview gallery.  If this ends up happening, you will receive an email with specific details, cost, and a link to sign up.  Email me if you are interested.

Formal Senior Portraits
It is really important to participate in the formal portraits done on Picture Day, historically held two days in October.  Please stay tuned to the Weekly Update to learn when leadership schedules the dates with the photographer and FBC.  Girls will have velvet-like drapes and guys will borrow a tux.  I use these images for the Class of 2024 photos.  

Senior Write Up
For me, this is a chance for your teen to express themselves, so there is some freedom with what is submitted.  You can write from the senior's perspective or submit a letter to them.  The goal is around 140 words, less is fine!  Christmas break is a great time to reminisce and think about what God could have in store next on their journey with Him.  The write-up is due no later than January 15th with an optional (but strongly encouraged) baby/toddler/preschool picture.  I am okay if you have other ideas, just let me know ahead of time.  I would like to keep the yearbook cohesive.  If you need inspiration from last year's yearbook and don't have access to it, let me know and I will send you samples.  But I encourage you to make it your own!

You can include ideas like:
About the early years
Homeschool years
Current interests
Extra-curricular activities, volunteering, jobs, etc.
Favorite subjects
Plans for next year, whether they are going to college or joining the workforce
Favorite verse and/or quote​​​​​​​
Contact Me!
You are welcome to contact me anytime with some of your ideas, any questions you may have, or if you are willing to help me... I want to hear from you!  I appreciate the help with deep and sincere gratitude.
Thank you!
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