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I am not your average photographer. For me, it is not all about the sale at all.  I am all about people enjoying the whole experience.  I truly care about each individual and the client experience as a whole.  I genuinely love people!  I firmly believe that there is a beauty about every person and this is what I want to be able to show in my work. I do want to be able to give you those “picture perfect” images, but more than that, I would LOVE to provide you with images that capture the unique personalities and genuine interactions that make relationships special.

I also have chosen to structure my services in a way that allows you to pick the base package based on the time you need.  You are then able to choose the options that you are interested.  By structuring things more a la carte,  I am able to keep my packages prices lower so I can accommodate a wide variety of budgets.  The base packages are plenty, sometimes options can make your experience even better!

I am more than a “snap a few pics in 15 minutes” type of photographer. I do offer mini-sessions, which will provide you with plenty of good pictures to choose from, but it does lack the time that would allow for everyone to become more relaxed so that I can capture genuine expressions and interactions between people. It is the experience and care that you would be provided in a full or extended session. I can give you the “picture perfect” images easily in 15 minutes and still likely be able to capture genuine expressions and interactions, but it is not really me or what I can provide for you and your family.  I strive to provide so much more for my clients!

1.  I will send you a link to create your own customized client portal which will allow you to see contracts, invoices, and payment schedules.

2.  You will receive a questionnaire that will allow for you to give me more information on what your desires are for your session, including which package you are looking for as well as other information that is helpful to me to plan and prepare. 

3.  I will send you a brochure so that you can let me know what options you are interested in.  Anything you select does not obligate you!  It just lets me know what you may be interested in so that I can give you more information.  You contract and invoice is what lets us both know what is expected.  I always want to make sure communication between us is clear! :-)

3.  I will then send you a link to tentatively schedule your session. 

4. I will send you a contract and invoice once I have received the questionnaire and appointment request.  I will hold your session time for 24 hours until I receive your retainer payment, your session time will be secured and no one will be able to take your time slot.  I currently receive payments via invoice (which can be paid securely with credit card or bank transfer payments), credit cards, checks, and cash.  All payments are due a week before your session.

5.  I will send you a session preparation email, or more depending on the session type you choose, to give you an idea of what you can expect during our session and help you to prepare.  I will be in touch as I prepare for your customized experience and you can reach out to me as well!

Before your Session

Request a Brochure with More Details

1. I will send you an "Post Production" email to let you know what to expect after your session and I will also send you a gallery questionnaire that will allow me to create an online gallery that is customized to your preferences.

2. I will send you a preview gallery with all images that are worth choosing from.  Because of my limited schedule, these images will not look anything like your final edited images.  It is best to look at expressions and interactions when making your choices.  I will send you a user guide that helps you navigate and make the most out of your online gallery.  I prefer for you to favorite <3 all of the images you enjoy and create a list of the ones you want to choose.

3.  I will send you a brochure to remind you of some of the options you have available to you now that you have seen your preview gallery.  If you are interested in any options or upgrades, please contact me to let me know what you are interested in so that we can discuss further.

4. I will need for you to submit the selection of images you would like as a part of your final gallery.

5.  Then you will receive you final gallery and personalized app!  You will be able to order prints from your own customized store that is a part of your final gallery.  I will also provide you with the print release.

After your Session



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