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This is so important to me!  Below I have categorized my services so that you can easily pick whatever your needs may be.  This is a reference that you will always have readily available to you.  When we have our free session planning consultation, I will go over what you are looking for and I will be happy to recommend and help you pick out what is needed to meet your vision.

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Services Offered + Pricing

Services Offered + Pricing

For a customized approach to planning your Portrait Session...  follow these steps!!!

You can follow these steps to help figure out what you want during our time together that will create special memories to treasure for a lifetime!  Please know that I am here to help walk you through this process!  I will be happy to answer any questions during your free planning consultation or send me an email!

Step 1.  Choose your Session Fee

Step 1.  Choose your Session Fee

*Travel Distance is what is included from the studio to the location.  For multiple locations, they must be located within 5 minutes of each other or additional travel and/or time may be required.

Contact me for a personalized quote... packages, branding sessions, etc.

























































Session Type


Travel Distance*


Session Type



Session Type

What's Included

Options Included

Session Choices

I will speak with you during our free planning consultation and I can help you determine that right balance for your photographic goals and your budget.

If you are not sure what you need, it's okay!

(Usually Not Needed!)

Step 2.  Choose your Session Options

(Usually Not Needed!)

Step 2.  Choose your Session Options

*Please book with at least a two month notice to allow ample time for the planning, design, and delivery needed.

Are you interested in having a couture dress for your session?  This can be a special moment for a child or a mommy and me session!  I work with several designers to find a look for you!

Estimates Available

Designer Dress Rental*:

Since you are investing in these beautiful images, have you considered to have a pampering moment to have your hair and makeup done?  It is a great moment to do so and cherish the moments and feel great.  Also consider having your nails done, or at least clean them up, prior to your session.

Estimates Available

Professional Hair and/or Makeup:

This is primarily used for elaborate lighting setups needs for in home sessions and indoor venue locations.  I will let you know if this is needed during our planning session.

Estimates Available

Studio Setup Fee for In Home Sessions:

This is a wonderful service for young families, especially with newborns.  It is a great way to capture life in the exact place where it happens every day!  Lighting planning included.


 In Home Session Fee:

This is primarily used for elaborate lighting setups needs for in home sessions and indoor venue locations.  I will let you know if this is needed during our planning session.  This is included with events, as needed/requested.


Additional Lighting + Setup Fee:

From cookie decorating or ice cream to an outdoor splash session or football game... I am up for it!  This is only limited by our imagination.  Not all activities will have a fee!


Custom Activity:

Includes all services the the cake smash fee plus the set up and clean up of a tub used for additional pictures.


Smash + Splash Fee:

Includes planning, coordinating, setup, and clean up.  No cake included but will work with a baker of your choice to coordinate with theme.  Wipes, tub, and a powder room available to clean your child prior to departing.


Cake Smash Fee:

Free estimate!  If there is a studio design that you would like for your session that I do not already have, I would be happy to work with you to create a custom design to meet your needs.  This can include backdrops, props, outfits, activities, and so on!  Choices are only limited by our imaginations!


Customized Studio Theme*:

Although not a guarantee, I will strive to allow for extra time when possible.  The preview gallery will not be released until the additional invoice is paid in full.  Please make every effort to schedule the correct time needed so that I can be sure to have the time available for you!

$50 per 15 minutes

Extra Time for Session:

An additional travel fee may be required for locations outside of the travel range listed with the session fee.  Travel fees are based on additional time required to travel and the federal mileage rate for any mileage ABOVE what is included with session.  Any location greater than three (3) hours will required lodging as well.


Travel Fee:

Required at some locations, but not most.  I will figure this out for you.  I will have suggested locations with permit requirements listed on my website.


Photography Permit Fee:

I don't ever want money to come between you and having these legacy images to look at and cherish.  I want to make this as easy and as comfortable as possible.  You get to choose the payment frequency!  All payments are due on the schedule agreed upon and will be paid in full no later than 7 days prior to session/event.


Customized Payment Plan:

Session Options Available:

Please note that most clients are very happy with the basic session package, but I do like to offer service options above and beyond your basic needs!

Most clients don't need options!

Step 3.  Choose an Image Collection

Step 3.  Choose an Image Collection

This is a great way to have more memories AND save money!  My heart is always for people and I want you to have these precious memories!  All you need to do is pick the images you want after your session and I will provide you with a quote based on the amount of work required to give you beautiful images.  No more standard pricing that can account for more work than is needed.  Even if you prepay for a collection listed above, I will be happy to give you a custom quote and provide you with a refund or credit toward your custom quote!!! You can choose your quote to be with or without a print credit.  This is really customized to your session and desires alone.  Ask for more details!


Images purchased separately are $25 each.
Print Credits only apply to prints and canvases.  It does not include cards or albums.

Ultimate Sessions



50 Images*

Premium Sessions



35 Images*

Full Sessions



25 Images



20 Images

Regular Sessions



15 Images

Mini Sessions



10 Images

Micro Sessions



5 Images

Session Recommendation*

Print Credit



Image Collections:

You will know how many images you want and you can pay once the images are selected.  Editing will not be done until your separate invoice is paid in full.

Purchasing After Your Session:  

You can preselect your image collect, an estimate of how many images you want to keep, and be able to tie it into payments prior to your session.  If you over estimate, I will issue a refund directly to the payment method you paid with.  If you underestimate, you will receive a separate invoice for the difference.  Once your selection is made, I can start editing immediately.  I do not have to wait for you to pay for your image collection which will be due in full at the time of purchase.

Purchasing Before Your Session:  

It honestly doesn't matter to me, so pick whatever works best for you!  Remember, the suggested numbers are just starting points.  You are welcome to select more or less.  You now have the opportunity to receive a print credit without an additional fee!  It really is my heart for you to see, enjoy, and treasure these precious memories that you have invested in!

...choosing your Image Collection before or after your session!

You Have 2 Options...

Step 4.  Editing Options

Step 4.  Editing Options

This is for any other and multiple requests.  I will be able to give you an estimate per image once selected and your request is made known.  Please contact me if we are not already making a plan for your final gallery.

$40 per hour

Custom + Multiple Advanced Requests:

This also includes advanced skin smoothing, strong eye glasses glare, artistic lighting and shadow enhancements, and overlay options.  Approval over requests are required to ensure it is something I have the skills to complete.  Pricing subject to the amount of requests requested.

$20.00 each

Advanced Editing:

Detailed Editing by Hand. that includes previous levels and now include skin smoothing, highlight reduction, enhanced contour shading, reduce minor flyaways, and minor eye glasses glare.  This is highly recommended for prints 8x10 and larger and newborn studio sessions.

$10.00 each


Included with Portrait Sessions and $5 each for events  Each images will include what is covered in Documentary Style Editing and will also include being detailed hand edited to balance tones, shandows, and highlights.

Free / $5.00 each

Professional Portraits:

Included with Event Coverage.  All images will be individually edited and balancing highlights and shadows, contrast, and color based on editing style discussed.


Documentary Style:

Levels of Editing:

Again, most clients are happy with the standard levels of editing provided.  These services are available for any image, but some upgrades in editing level are recommended more for special images or images that you wish to print 8x10 or larger.  This is not meant to be used for each image, although you can choose that if you want to!

Step 5.  Print + Product Options

Step 5.  Print + Product Options

*Discounts are available for ministries and households with ministry as their primary income!*

These are only the package I currently have available.  I created the baby bump package because a client wanted it!  If there is another period of time you would like to document with multiple sessions, I can create a deal that may qualify for 20% off all the basic sessions associated with your customized package!  Contact me to find out more!

Maternity - Watch Your Baby Bump Grow
First Year - Watch Your Baby Grow
High School Senior Year Remembered!
2023 Family Memories! - Now Booking!

Current Customizable Packages Available:

Packages are a group of session customized to what and how you would like to document a special moment or season in your life.  We will spend time in the beginning customizing and planning what exactly you are looking for.  No pressure, because you can call upon my expertise to help!  but then you can rest assured that I, as your creative director, will handle all the schedule, planning, and reminders for your sessions.

Available Session Packages Deals!

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