Privacy Policy

1. What information is collected?

I collect data that is provided by my clients for the sole purpose of enhancing their client experience. I will never sell or give information provided without written permission. Honestly, I see no need to ever give out information, but I would ask for written permission first.  I will frequently request:

a. Names - Legal names are required to add session participants to contract. I don't need full names, just first and last names are fine. I also request nicknames so I know how best to address everyone and give direction during a session.

b. Addresses - Required for legal contracts and mailing address if any products are purchased.

c. Phone Numbers - For communication purposes only.

d. Ages - I only use to help to plan on how I can plan to make a session move smoothly which highly depends on age of children. I, on occasion, will use this to help determine when a child has become an adult so they can sign their own model release.

e. Your Ideas, Preferences, and Style - This can help determine if we are a good fit to work together.  This will also help me to recommend locations and session times to give you a customized experience.

f.  Personal Information - Interests, hobbies, how you naturally and best interact with others participating in your session, what makes you unique, and information like this is information I use to relate and set clients at easy so they can relax which will in turn produce more natural portraits.  This is particularly helpful for children.  This is my only purpose in collecting this type of information.

g. Pictures Provided by Client Ahead of Session - This is optional.  Pictures provided by clients that are participating in the session will be used for identification and planning purposes only.  I find it important to know clients and call them by name.  It will also help with giving posing direction.  If you are doing an at home session, I will require either photos of your home or a video walk thru of the any area I may take pictures.  This is for informational and planning purposes only.  This will give me an idea of light and what equipment I may or may not need.  It will also help me plan which areas are better than others.

I use a client relationship management system called Dubsado.  This tool is how I collect and organize most of the data I request and organize my workflow to give my clients the best customer service.  It is how I organize and track most communication.  They handle and process a high majority of my payments.  When you pay using invoices, I see no personal financial information. I do not deal with credit card or financial information directly  Most payments are handled by Stripe and you can read their privacy policy here. You can read Dubsado's privacy policy.  If you pay with a check, I deposit checks using my online bill pay and store the hard copy securely in your client file in my office.  I will not use checks for anything besides depositing once and then storing for bookkeeping purposes.

2. How is Data Collected?

I firmly believe in everyone's right to privacy.  I collect the data that is provided to me by my clients for the sole purpose of enhancing their client experience. I will never sell or give information provided without written permission. Honestly, I do not know of a reason to ever give out information, but I would require clear and detailed permission in writing first. 

Information gathered is mostly for communication purposes.  I need to know where you can be contacted.  Clear communication of your preferences enhance customer experience.  When you provide me with contact information, I can use all methods provided to communicate with you about things related to your session.  If you want to change your preferences, all you have to do is communicate with me your desires via email or text message.  You agree to receive emails, newsletters, transaction information, and documentation communications, until you email or text me that you no longer wish to receive messages.  You are giving me permission to communicate via email, SMS, Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, and Skype when you provide the stated contact information.  You may opt out of any of these methods at anytime!  I use these methods for clear communication so that there is no confusion and I don't breach your trust!

3. Why is Data Collected?

Absolutely!  I respect your right to privacy.  But as a client based service, lack of communication and/or information will likely greatly hinder your experience and I reserve the right to deny services if adequate communication and/or information needed to preform my service and understand your preferences are not provided.  You are welcome, at any point, to cancel communication with me via email or text me.  I will be happy to provide you with what information I have upon request.  Please allow up to 7 days for me to throughly go through my documentation and accurate 

4. Can I opt out of having my information collected?

As a mom, I understand, agree, and support your right to protect your children.  As stated before, any information gathered is solely for the purposes of services associated with Inspired Photography by Dianne, LLC.  I use any information provided to enhance client experience only.  I request ages so that I understand how to best interact with them and prepare for your session to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.  It helps me to direct children when I can call them by name. 

In my standard contract, I have a model release which allows me to images from your session for marketing and portfolio purposes.  You can opt out of this by emailing me and is addressing before the session in my brochure/questionnaire/form given after a session is requested.  I do not pursue a session without this brochure filled out and submitted.  Clear communication as to what your preferences are is highly important to me!  My default practice is to share images any images anonymously.  I will not disclose the names of any child under 13 without the expressed written consent of a parent.  It is not my practice to do so anyway.  If a teenager, a child between the ages of 13 and 17,  requests to be tagged in a social media post(s), a parent reserves the right to deny this request of being tagged in a social media post.  I will respect the parents' wishes over the desires of a teenager.  It is out of my control if they choose to share my social media posts to their personal pages.

Our website is not intended for children under 13 years of age.  We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13.  If you are under 13, please do not provide information to this website.  Instead, request that a parent to inquire about services.  I do not intend to accept or keep any information provided from a child that is against the knowledge and approval of the parent(s) or guardian(s).

5. What is your privacy policy concerning minors (children)?



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