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For me, it is not all about the sale at all.  I am all about people enjoying the whole experience.  I truly care about each individual and the client experience as a whole.  I genuinely love people!  I firmly believe that there is a beauty about every person and this is what I want to be able to show in my work. I do want to be able to give you those “picture perfect” images, but more than that, I would LOVE to provide you with images that capture the unique personalities and genuine interactions that make relationships special.

I also have chosen to structure my services in a way that allows you to pick the base package based on the time you need.  You are then able to choose the options that you are interested.  By structuring things more a la carte,  I am able to keep my packages prices lower so I can accommodate a wide variety of budgets.  The base packages are plenty, sometimes options can make your experience even better!

I am more than a “snap a few pics in 15 minutes” type of photographer. I do offer mini-sessions, which will provide you with plenty of good pictures to choose from, but it does lack the time that would allow for everyone to become more relaxed so that I can capture genuine expressions and interactions between people. It is the experience and care that you would be provided in a full or extended session. I can give you the “picture perfect” images easily in 15 minutes and still likely be able to capture genuine expressions and interactions, but it is not really me or what I can provide for you and your family.  I strive to provide so much more for my clients!

I am not your
average photographer!

I am not your average photographer!

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