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I do not like hidden costs and I am sure you don't either.  Most of the time, the prices listed is what you can expect to pay.  Some will want a little more and because of the time invested, it may cost more, but I will always give you a quote!  Open and clear communication is so important to me.  I will let you know the moment I realize a cost may be different before any more work is done.


This is a service for those special portraits that you would like to become more artwork than photographs or a portrait you love that could use more advancements.  Some of the enhancements  could be intentional sun flares, snowy wintery scene alterations, sky swaps, composites, and more.  If there is a type of image you would like to achieve, contact me and I will see if I am able to accommodate your desires.

This image looks magical.  It is still her, but fun and enhanced the image into a work of art! 

Custom Editing:  $40/hour

This is a basic yet more whimsical look.  Skin has been cleaned.  There is a softness, which is optional, to the image without loosing detail.  

This level has more flexibility.  First of all, you can do advanced edits upon request like advanced skin smoothing, wardrobe malfunctions, face swapping, advanced eye glasses glare, and so on.  Some other options are more artistic, one being whimsical and fairytale like and the other being dramatic lighting scenario.  This is also perfect for images of newborn studio portraits.  This does not have to be done with an entire package!  Consider it for your favorite portrait or two that you intend to hang on your wall.

Advanced Editing:  $10

This service is great for those images that you love and plan to print 5x7 or larger.  Some adjustments that you may include with this service, but are not limited to, are minor hair-flyaways, minor skin smoothing, balancing skin tone, minor eye glass removal.  If your retouching requests are more complex than what is covered with retouching, I will recommend advanced editing and let you know what can be done under Retouching and Advanced Editing and you can decide which option you want.

This image has some advanced editing to let the skin look a little more perfected without losing all the texture of the skin.

Retouching:  $5

This is a final professionally edited image.  This editing comes with your basic package.  So much better!

This service is included with all of my portrait session packages!  I will do basic adjustments of color (white balance) to try and achieve the colors that were the day of our session with what the camera was able to capture.  I will balance lighting to include exposure, highlights, and shadow.  I will do basic hand editing to get the images well balanced.  I will also use my artistic eye to compose and crop  your images to make them the most aesthetically appealing, I do this in camera and while editing.  

Professional Portrait Editing: Included with Portrait Sessions!

This will be closer to what your preview images may look like.  I might adjust brightness, unlike this image, but that will be it.  There are important reasons why some situations it is best to expose the image this way in camera, particularly outdoors on a sunny day.  It will all depend on the end goal of what you are looking for which we will discuss during your free session planning consultation.  But this is my job, to take an image like this and deliver a beautiful final product.

Foundations - An Image Straight from the Camera

Editing Styles

One mentor said it best when he said that all cameras, even the best ones, are not able to capture what we are able to see with our God-given eyes.  Our eyes are able to see color and balance lighting in the foreground and background better than a camera can, even with the most advanced technology.  To compensate for this, you need a professional with the skill to edit the images straight from camera to achieve what we experienced together.  This is a service I provide!  I never deliver any images that are unfinished.  I can also provide my clients with retouching and advanced edits for those special one or two images are more like a work of art.

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