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My favorite forecast is mild and partly cloudy.  Give me beautiful blue skies with a lot of white puffy clouds, and I am in heaven!  My least favorite natural lighting is either full sun or dreary cloudy skies, but I think I would choose cloudy over full sun.  As my skill has grown, and will always continue to grow, I have learned how to compensate for these conditions to give you fantastic images. 

Full sun can be very challenging with natural lighting unless there is good, solid shade around at your location.  Portraits in the harsh lighting of full sun has a tendency to loose detail in the image, particularly in the background, and can limit the angles you can take good, professional images.  Luckily, I understand how lighting works and how to make the best out of a situation that would otherwise be difficult. 

You also need to consider temperature, because you don't want beads of sweat or chattering teeth in your picture.  We can work together to schedule a session that meets your schedule and balance that with the predicted, yet unpredictable, weather... but you can rest assured that I have to knowledge to learn how to adjust to whatever conditions come our way including flash to reach our picture goals!

How weather makes a difference...

I am a natural color photographer, but I can and do use flash as well.  The differences in style largely depends on how I use light and the locations that I pick.  I want to capture things as they are, as best I can with my professional skill and equipment.  A combination of this, along with weather and location, does factor in with what styles I can achieve well.  If I know your preferences ahead of time, I will be able to plan prior to your session as to which locations will be best.  I do not have the ability to change the weather, but I know how to work with lighting in a variety of situations and know how to use tools like flash to still be able to maintain a natural look.  

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Understanding the photography styles I offer...

Outdoor lighting can be tricky, but that is why you hire me!  As a professional, I have taken a lot of courses to understand lighting, locations, posing, and so much more.  I personally think natural lighting is beautiful, but it is less predictable.  On occasions when natural light is not the best choice, it is important to have a photographer that knows how to use flash naturally and have invested in equipment to achieve the look that you want!  I will work with you to schedule your session while balancing your schedule and understanding lighting and location to give you great images.  

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