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1.  Client Portal

I will send you a link to create your own customized client portal which will allow you to see contracts, invoices, and payment schedules for all of your sessions.

2.  Questionnaire

You will receive a questionnaire based on your package that will allow for you to give me more information on what your desires are for your session and tell me how much you are wanting to be included in the planning process. You will be able to select session options, styles, gallery options, as well as other information that is helpful to me to plan and prepare to give you a special and customized experience.  Anything you select is for informational purposes and does not lock you into anything!  If you would prefer to talk with me about your preferences instead, I would love to schedule a Planning Session to talk with you!  

3.  Schedule Your Session

You will receive a link to schedule your mini session, full session, or extended session.  With this, you will be able to tentatively hold a time for 48-hours.  You have this grace period to sign your contract and pay retainer fee which will add your session permanently to my schedule. After the 48-hours is up, your session time will become available to the general public and is no longer reserved.  If you are late, I will do what I can do reschedule the preferred time, but it is not guaranteed.

4. Contact, Invoice, and Payments

I will send you a contract and invoice once I have received both the questionnaire and the scheduled session  request.  Contracts are necessary to provide clear communication as to what you can expect from me and when, as well as what I expect from you.  As you will learn, if you haven't yet, I firmly believe in clear communication to prevent confusion and ensure the best client experience. 

With your contract, you will receive an invoice that will list all you are getting with your customized package. 

Your first payment is due when you receive your invoice.  I offer a customizable payment plan for my clients as a free service.  In order to ensure your session time is secured, please make your first payment within 48-hours or you will risk losing your time slot.  I currently receive payments via invoice (which can be paid securely with credit card or bank transfer payments), credit cards, checks, and cash.  All payments are due a week before your session.

5.  The planning process!

I will be in touch during the planning process and preparing you on how to make the most of your session.  I am always here for you, so don't be afraid to reach out or ask me any questions that you may have!

Before your Session

1.  Understanding the Post Production Process

I will send you an "Post Production" email, meaning all the work that happens after your session, to let you know what to expect.  This will remind you about my process as well as the timeline so you can anticipate when you can expect your images.

2.  Preview Gallery

I will send you a preview gallery with all images that are worth choosing from.  Because of my limited schedule, these images will not look anything like your final edited images.  It is best to look at expressions and interactions when making your choices.  Check out this user guide that helps you navigate and make the most out of your online gallery.  I prefer for you to favorite <3 all of the images you enjoy and create a list of the ones you want as your final selection.

3. Selecting Your Final Images

If you would like to review your images together so I can help you narrow them down, I am happy to offer this free service by scheduling a Zoom or In Person Consultation!  After you have selected your final images, I can send you a list of the options and upgrades that are available to you.  Please contact me to let me know what you are interested in so that we can discuss further.

4.  Submit Your Final Images

I love my clients and know how exciting it can be to get your new images as soon as possible.  I offer a quick return of 3 images from the time you send them to me.  I will have the images edited and returned to you within 48-hours.  This needs to be communicated to me via email or text.  I will need you to provide me with the image numbers.

When you have selected all of the images you want to be apart of your final gallery, I will need for you to submit the selection.  You will also need to communicate with me if you are wanting additional images added to your package or if you would like any special editing done and on which images.  I do not receive notifications whenever you like an image, so please contact me one your final selections are made and any special instructions you may have and I will try to accommodate!

5.  Final Gallery

Then you will receive you final gallery and personalized app based on the preferences you have provided to me! 

6. Ordering Products and Extra Services!

You will be able to order professional prints from your own customized store that is a part of your final gallery.  I will be happy discuss what is available to you as far as options or place an order if you would like to schedule an Appointment

As a part of your package, you will have the option to use your own printer.  You will likely need a print release which is available as a part of your package as well.  If you don't have one in your portal, please contact me and I will send it to you.  If you want to use your own printer, I highly recommend MPIX.  It is the best consumer available printer that I have found.  Here is a special link for my clients to receive $10 off your MPIX order!

After your Session



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