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Understanding my

I will be in communication with you, especially within one week of your session to verify that everything is good and ready to go.  You can feel free to reach out to me at any point with questions, ideas, or whatever!  Remember, I am here for you!

6. Prepare for Session

After you have tentatively scheduled your session, I will go ahead and send you a proposal that has three steps in all-in-one!

QUESTIONNAIRE - You will be able to select what session type you are interested and what options you want.

CONTRACT - This is a form of communication as to what you can expect from me and when , and it gives you recourse should I not deliver on my promises, and it lets you know what I expect and may answer any questions you may have for the session.  I firmly believe open and clear communication and a contract is a great way to do it.  I am always here to answer any questions that you may have!

INVOICE - An invoice will be automatically generated based on your choices and an initial payment will be due at the time of completing your proposal to be added to my schedule.

5. Photo Session Proposal

After our planning session, I will also provide you with a link (if you don't already have one) for your own client portal for everything Inspired Photography!  This is one service I like to offer my clients in order to provide one location that you can go to in order to locate contracts, invoices, payment schedules, questionnaire forms, scheduled appointments, and even where I will be posting your gallery link (I will email it to you as well).  You will no longer need to scroll through your emails to find communication or documentation from me!

4. Client Portal

After our conversation, and I have a good idea of what you are looking for and I think we will be a good match, I will send you a session scheduler so that you can tentatively schedule your session!  Eeek!  As my existing clients already know, I like to customize every experience.  Unless it is a scheduled mini session event, those cannot be adjusted as there are usually additional expenses and planning involved, I like to be in communication with my clients the week prior to a session to make sure the weather appears to be cooperating.  Should the session time need to be adjusted, I will provide you with an addendum to adjust the date and time on the contract.  

3. Session Scheduler

Give you a customized experience is so important to me.  I meet with all of my clients either virtually through a video conference platform like Zoom or in person at my studio.  We will discuss what you are looking for so that I can help you to decide so that you feel comfortable with the best session type that will meet your needs.  I think it is important for you to meet me before a session too.  I want you to feel comfortable so that I can capture genuine expression and you the style you are looking for.  I can plan much better and I will be able to answer any of your questions.

2. Free Session Planning Consultation - Video Chat or In Person

When you are ready to ask questions or start to book your session, filling out an Inquiry Form is the best place to start.  This will provide me with some very basic contact information and some basic information like participants and a brief overview of what you will be looking for during your session.  Filling out this form is for information purposes only and will not commit you to any services, nor will it get you session on my schedule.  This is just a good beginning!

1. Inquiry Form

*I provided lots of information for those who want to know more and headers so you can scroll through if you don't have much time and only want to read what you are interested in.  I care about you and your time!

Before your Session


PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS:  If I have not had the honor of working with you and you are interested, please consider inquiring so that we can discuss what you are looking for and if we would be a good fit!  First, click on the "Inquire" button below and submit the form.  We will schedule to discuss what you are looking for real soon!

EXISTING CLIENTS:  If I have had the pleasure of working with you, then thank you!  I hope this has been a valuable resource for you to answer any questions and help to make the process smooth!

A Final Note

If you cannot tell my heart already, I am really looking to just serve you well.  Every part of my business was designed and set up to do this. 

The base packages were created to serve you well all on their own.  I want you to really enjoy your sessions and have a lot of options to choose from for those times you want something special. 

I want you to really enjoy your images and not just loose them on a phone or hard drive.  I want you to remember and enjoy quality images.  I believe you deserve choice. I want to serve you and give you the best quality of products, but I care even more about you and giving you the freedom to choose.

In Summary

STORE IN FINAL GALLERY:  In your final gallery, you will be able to order directly from your own customized store!  You can order from the comfort and convenience of your own home and still receive the quality  images printed at a professional printer that is unavailable to consumers.

DISCUSS NEEDS WITH PHOTOGRAPHER:  I also offer a final gallery reveal where we can go over it and discuss how you would like to display your beautiful images whether it is prints, wall art, cards, albums, and more.  I can do this in person or virtually.  Whatever you are looking for, I will very likely be able to deliver.  I can help you to create customized wall art and collages.  I just want to be able to give you what you are looking for, not only with the session but how you remember and display the memories as well.

PRINT RELEASE:  As a part of your session, I do provide you with a print release that allows you to print your images however you would like for personal purposes.  If you don't have one in your portal, please contact me and I will be happy to send you one.  If you want to use your own printer, I highly recommend MPIX.  It is the best consumer printer that I have found.

6. Ordering Products and Extra Services

Once I have received your choices, I will have your final gallery within 30 days.  

5. Final Gallery

QUICK RETURN - I love my clients and know how exciting it can be to get your new images as soon as possible.  I offer a quick return of up to 3 images.  I will send them to your within 72 hours of the time you send them to me.  Your quick return images needs to be sent to me either by text or email and include the image numbers.  Please make sure I respond.

FINAL IMAGES - When you select all of the images you want, I will meed for you to submit the selection to me through email or your preview gallery.  You will also need to communicate with me if you would like to add more images to your gallery than what is included in your session or if you would like special editing requests.  Please make sure you submit them and I respond.

4. Submitting Your Final Images

You have a couple of choices:

REMEMBER, I AM HERE TO HELP! - I know the selecting process can be overwhelming, especially with the quantity that I usually provide, but please remember you do not have to decide alone!  Please feel free to schedule a free Review Your Preview Gallery Consultation, virtually or in my studio, where I share my screen, go through your goals, and I can help you to narrow down the images to the number you want to have and treasure.  I am happy to offer my professional opinion whenever you would like help deciding!

YOU WANT TO CHOOSE - I completely understand if you know what you want and are more than capable of doing it alone or with your family.  I have some tools to help assist you!  First of all, I created a Preview Gallery User Guide to help you get the most out of your online preview gallery.

3. Selecting Your Final Images

I will send you your preview gallery from your session within 72 hours.  I can tell you that I am an over-shooter and an over-sharer!  Chances are I have already told you this.  Because I cherish expression and the nuances of relationship/interaction, I share everything that is worth looking at.  If you prefer to have your preview gallery to be limited even more, just let me know!  I do usually provide a "Photographer's Favorite" folder along with a folder with all of them.  These are the images I recommend.

2. Your Preview Gallery

There is definitely some work to get ready for a session, but afterward is when my work really begins!  My goal is to take the memories we captured and make them timeless!  I will be sending you a "Post Production" email which goes into detail what you can expect from me after your session.  It will give you more details about my process and also give you an idea of the timeline and when you can expect your professionally edited pictures.

1. Understanding the Post-Production Process

After your Session



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