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My favorite lighting is partly sunny.  Give me beautiful blue skies with a lot of white puffy clouds, and I am in heaven!  My least favorite lighting is either full sun or dreary cloudy skies, but I think I would choose cloudy over full sun.  Full sun can be very challenging unless there is good, solid shade around at your location.  With full sun, the harsh lighting has a tendency to loose detail in the image and limit the angles you can take good, professional images.  Luckily, I understand how lighting works and how to make the best out of a situation that would otherwise be difficult.

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How weather makes a difference...

I am a natural color and lighting photographer.  I want to capture things as they are as best I can with my skill and professional equipment.  A combination of weather and location does factor in on what styles I can achieve well.  If I know your preferences, I will be able to plan prior to your session what locations will be best.  I am not good enough to change the weather, but I know how to work with lighting in a variety of situations.  

Bold and Beautiful

Light and Airy

Understanding the photography styles I offer...

Natural lighting can be tricky, but that is why you hire me!  As a professional, I have taken a lot of courses to understand these type of things.  I will work with you to schedule your session while balancing your schedule and understanding lighting and location to give you great images.  I personally natural lighting is superior, but it is less predictable.

Outdoor lighting

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Lighting can change significantly with angle, distance, and power.  This expertise is what you hire me for! It is my job to understand lighting in a way that helps you achieve your goals and to do so in the most flattering way.  I am able to control the light more than these three ways, but letting me know what you like of these three will help me tremendously know what direction I need to go to give you a customized setup.

The basic lighting choices

Studio lighting

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I have a wide variety of cloth drops, set ups, and props to give you beautiful images of your precious little one(s).  I have a wide variety of quality suppliers for cloth drops, wraps, head bands, hats, and other props.  Let me know what you are wanting and I can let you know if I can accommodate and create something customized for you!

Newborn set-ups available

These are the backdrops I currently have in stock.  If you are not seeing what you are looking for, I would be happy to work with you to set up a customized backdrop or themed session just for you!

Sample images coming soon!

Current backdrops available

These samples are not limited to what I am able to provide!  Don't forget that I am happy to work with you on a customized backdrop or themed session with possibly the addition of props.  All custom projects must be scheduled a minimum of 6-weeks out to allow for the gathering of materials and backdrops that will be custom printed.  I only use high quality backdrops that are printed here in the USA once an order is received. 

Studio Backdrops

This is a service for those special portraits that you would like to become more artwork than photographs.  Some of the enhancements  could be intentional sun flares, snowy wintery scene alternations, sky swaps, and more.  If there is a type of image you would like to achieve, contact me and I will see if I am able to accommodate your desires.

Sample images coming soon!

Advanced Fine Art Editing

When I refer to fine art editing, I am talking about a fairy tale perfected image.  This is perfect for images of newborn studio portraits.  I would love to do this with formal portraits and themed shoots that have a more fantasy theme.  This does not have to be done with an entire package.  Consider it for your most favorite portrait that you would like to have hanging on your wall!

Sample images coming soon!

Fine Art Editing

This service is great for those images you love, but could use some more advanced adjustments.  Some adjustments may include, but are not limited to, minimizing hair-flyaways, breakouts, balancing skin tone, wardrobe malfunctions, or face swapping.

Sample images coming soon!

Advanced Professional Editing

Sample images coming soon!

This service is included with all of my packages!  I will do basic adjustments of color (white balance) to try and achieve the colors that were the day of our session with what the camera was able to capture.  I will balance lighting to include exposure, highlights, and shadow.  I will also use my artistic eye to compose and crop  your images to make them the most aesthetically appealing, I do this in camera and while editing.  

Professional Editing

One mentor said it best when he said all cameras, even the best ones, are not able to capture what we are able to see with our God-given eyes.  Our eyes are able to see color and balance lighting in the foreground and background better than a camera can, even with the most advanced technology.  To compensate for this, you need a professional with the skill to edit the images straight from camera to achieve what we experienced together.  This is a service I provide!

Editing Styles

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