If you spend any time looking at professional photography, you will notice that there are many different styles. Picking the right style can be chosen either by a personal preference or by picking a style that is more fitting for a particular situation.

It is important to know that there are nuances for a photographer to know and learn, both while shooting the images and while editing them, so that there is consistency in one’s gallery. Make sure your photographer meets your style so that together we can create something inspired.

As you look at these styles, pay attention to the colors. These are the styles that I personally enjoy. Which one(s) do you prefer?

Light and Airy

This style can be viewed as a more romantic look. The colors, for my light and airy style preferences, are still close to natural colors, just slightly softer and brighter. I prefer to avoid darker areas (black) and heaviness. This style can be applied to anyone and any situation. It is a personal preference.

Bold and Beautiful

This style is for you if you love rich colors. I still strive for natural looking colors because I love the natural beauty of creation, but this style is a little more bold and vivid. I love the green of leaves and the bright blue sky. I love the rainbow of colors and appreciate the different kinds of both flowers and people… so beautiful, so unique!

Black and White

This is another style that I enjoy. I will usually include some of these type images as a part of a package. Black and white images are a great to capture the emotions of an individual without the distraction that colors can sometimes bring.

Let’s work together to capture something truly beautiful and inspired!