Celebrate Life

Photography can be more than just perfectly posed images. What about capturing life? What makes a person unique besides just those facial expressions that are “them” that I so love to capture? What about having images to remember hobbies at a certain season of life. What about remembering someone who is terminally ill while we still have the blessing to see it? What about remember a life gone or a person we care about who lives far away? Photographs can help to leave a legacy, to help us remember those that we love. There is more to photography than perfectly posed portraits.

First Photography Session Since The World Shut Down – A Handsome 4 Month Old!

My doors are opening slowly since the world shut down due to Covid-19. I cannot express to you the absolute joy I felt capturing this little guy and then going through all the images... from his little hands and feet to all of the different priceless expressions. He had some stranger danger, which is great and normal, so his sweet mom did a great job helping me to pose him! Just look at this sweet boy!!!